Hunters hunt. It’s what they do. It’s in the name. They hunt the enemy. The supernatural. That which should not be. Witch, werewolf, vampire, even things for which we have no name: it’s all the same to them. They’re all targets, things to be hunted.

Why does a Hunter take up the Vigil, and choose to guard the night against such things? Perhaps they do it purely for fun, like the members of the Ashwood Abbey. Perhaps they were press-ganged into it, fighting a shadow war that they can’t escape from, and that nobody know exists. Perhaps they just enjoy all the killing.

However, for many Hunters, the cause is justice. Setting things right. To one Hunter, justice may be the protection of the innocent. To another Hunter, it may be the punishment of the guilty. Whatever their brand of justice is, Hunters almost always want to impose it on others.

But there is a fine line between being a relentless justiciar, and being an unstoppable madman…

The Spirit of Justice